October 22, 2009

Maddur Vada (ಮದ್ದೂರು ವಡೆ )

MaddurVada is one of the delicious and popular snacks from Karnataka, South India.  Madduru is a taluk situated in Mandya District.  This place is famous for this delicious snack Maddur Vada.  If you have traveled by train from Bangalore to Mysore you will find this Snack being sold at  the Railway Station. 

Maddur Vada is a deep fried crispy snack prepared with the mixture of Rice Flour,Rava (Peni Rava), All Purpose Flour ,onions and Indian spices.The outer crust is crisp,tastes great and is generally eaten as a snack.It can be eaten as it is or served with  coriander chutney  It goes well with masala chai or Coffee. 


1 Cup Rice Flour
1 Cup Rava (Peni Rave)
1 Cup All Purpose Flour ( Maida )
3 medium sized onions
4 to 5 green Chillies
7 to 8 Curry leaves
Salt to taste
3 tbsp of Butter
oil to fry

1. Take 3 tbsp of butter and a pinch of salt, mix thoroughly till the butter dissolves. 

2. Add all the flours,  finely chopped onions, green chillies, curry leaves and salt . Add water as you mix and make a dough.

3.  Make small lemon-sized balls and pat it and flatten it on oil paper and deep fry until golden brown.

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  1. Hey Naina, I love vadas and Maddur vada is a king of all vadas....thanks for sharing....